I’ve been writing in my Five Minute Journal every day for the last few months and it has been so helpful in narrowing down my focus. So I started thinking about what was really happening with that and it’s really quite simple. And it’s something that you can do during your morning routine to make your day run more smoothly.

The area of focus that stands out is “what would make today great”. This is a question that we don’t ask ourselves enough. But when we take the time to ask ourselves this simple question it can have a measurable impact on what we focus on throughout the day. The results can improve your mood, your focus, your energy, and your overall outlook on the day.

Give it a try in the morning and make a pact to do it for a few days in a row. Pull out a notebook and ask yourself the question “what would make today great”. Answer it with 3-5 things. By writing it down you can look back over the course of a week and see how things have panned out, what you’ve accomplished and how you have impacted someone else.

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