August is going to end with self reflection and new relationships!

Right now is a time of self reflection. Take this time to breathe and relax. It’s not the time to start something new yet but a time to reflect on what has happened this summer and what is coming in early fall. Find gratitude for the things that have been happening in your life. The lessons, the people, the adventures, the emotions! Write these things down in a new journal! Take time for you and what you need. Build a sacred space for yourself with all of the things that make you feel peaceful and joyful!

Things are getting ready to kick start and take a turn in the direction you’re wanting. Yes, luck is on your side, if you’ll have it! Keep up your positive thoughts and words. The more you speak what you are attracting in a positive way, the closer it comes into fruition. 

This is also a time to forgive others so you can heal. Emotions may be high. Stay calm and release the past. Put it behind you. New things are coming and they are exactly what you’ve asked for. Of course, what we ask for shows up in unexpected ways! Keep your eyes open and carry on by empowering yourself doing what you love!

Communication is going to help you in a new relationship. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. It’s important to share how you feel. The relationship that is building is going to bring you to your heart and help it heal from the past. Be sure not to lose yourself in daydreams. Daily meditation to focus on your breathing with help ground you and keep you in your heart space rather than your head space. You deserve this love of your new friend (or significant other!). Some of you may see that clear communication will help your current relationship to blossom. 

Take a minute during your self reflection to write down the things you want to happen in the next month or two. Do a short meditation and watch the universe work its magic! Stay tuned in September for what’s coming next!

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