Your entire life changes in a moment. Think about that. Let it sink in for a second.

Because many times we get so caught up in thinking about the overwhelming end goal that we don’t even take the first step. And this is a crippling thing because each time we don’t act on what we want to change the easier it is for us to write off future ideas. We all have things in our life that we want to change. Diet, body, strength, education, confidence, habits, whatever. We all have them. If anyone tells you that their life is perfect they are lying to you and/or to themselves.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the things that I want Yes Louisville to do is to show people that change is possible in any and every aspect of your life should you genuinely decide to change it. That doesn’t mean that things automatically happen, but simply that the possibility is there. We will do this by sharing stories and images that show the triumphs and the failures because, let’s face it, failure is a wonderful part of the growth process. And we’re going to be doing this much more consistently and on a larger scale. Because we want to show you, our readers, followers, and people of this great city that we call home that ANYONE can do ANYTHING. All it takes is action.

From a content perspective, we have grown leaps and bounds since I started this thing. We have pooled together a group of people that share regular stories written from the heart that share experiences in art, life, love, health, business, leadership and so much more. We have a diverse roster of people that come from all walks of life in an effort to show all the colors of this great city. And as much as we may be different, we all share a few common threads. We love this city and the people that reside here. We want to help inspire the people to be better so that they, in turn, can inspire others. We want to be a part of the catalyst for change that starts a movement to the next level, and that next level is very intimate within each individual person. Only then can the group rise.

We’re continually looking for folks to contribute to this narrative. By adding new voices on a regular basis, we can increase the width and depth of what our community truly is. Do you think you have a story to tell? I think you do. Shoot me an email and let’s see how your story can help inspire someone else.

-Jason Mudd

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