“I don’t have time” is such a common utterance these days, isn’t it? But how much time do we waste during the day by being productive on the wrong things? So many people seem to have a limitless supply of time to Facebook, Snap, Twitter, and the like but long-game-things seem to be further and further out of reach. Awareness is the first powerful step to gaining some control over how you spend your time.

Be conscious of how you’re spending your time throughout the day. Do this every day to get a good grasp on what you’re doing every day. Think about each action, regardless of how minuscule or subtle it is, and ask yourself why you’re doing it. Ask yourself if it is getting you closer to your goals. Ask yourself if you enjoy it.

I also think that meditation helps tremendously in giving you the mental space to vet out priorities with regards to time management. Here is a previous post about how to easily get started meditating!

Have a great day, Louisville!!

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