We live in a society that is fueled by money and no matter what you think about that, it is the truth. That is not to say that money should be your ultimate goal, on the contrary, it means that you need money so that you can pursue the things that DO matter in your life.

The best thing about my job is that I get to help you achieve your dreams no matter WHAT they are because money is a necessary fuel for any dreams. If you dream of travel, you need money. If your dream is to own your own home, money can do that, too. If you desire to start your own business, money can help you achieve it. You want a family, money helps. You want to find a husband, having the ability to go out on dates, have clothes to wear, and have your hair done is helped by money. Want nice things, money. Want to join an educational program or take a course, money’s got you. Want to help your friends and family, money is a plus. Want to help your favorite charity, money has you there too.

And the ultimate way to have more money other than just going out and earning more is by utilizing a budget. I know when I say budget you are probably thinking “ugh I don’t want a budget telling me everything I can’t do.” I want to change your thinking on this. Budget is not a bad word. Many people who have tried and given up on budgets or those who have never tried often think of a budget as something that is restrictive or undesirable. I want to help you see it differently. The budget is actually something that is liberating and once you implement it, can make you feel like you got a raise, make your money stretch further, and give you power over your money instead of your money just walking away from you while you aren’t paying attention.

I know you are scared to pay attention to your money, I know that you are avoiding it hoping that it will work itself out, but it won’t. The only way you can fix your money problem is to attack it head on. Often the fear you have surrounding the unknown is scarier than the truth of the situation that you are in.

The best part about a budget is that you get to tell your money where to go. You get to make all the decisions of where to put your money. If you get to a point where you realize you are spending more money than you want on anything then you are able to change what you are doing. If you feel like you are spending too much money on your car, sell it and buy a cheaper one. If you feel like your rent is too high, you can find another place to live. You spend too much on restaurants, you can start eating at home more. You get to choose your life actively instead of letting your life happen to you. Now there are some things that you don’t get to change because you already made the decision to accept them like student loans. You may feel like you are paying too much for student loans however you cannot undo what you have already done. But you can attack them with a vengeance and get them out of your life forever.

The other unexpected outcome of taking control of your money is a sense of accomplishment around being responsible. Doing the right thing and living up to the promises that you made gives you an amazing feeling. Fiscal responsibility makes you feel successful. And the longer you do it the more successful you will become.

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