We’re in the time of selfies, point and shoot (a camera) and what I translate to “look at me.” Not that this is a bad thing, but I’ve never been one for “take a picture of me.” Honestly, I don’t like being in front of any camera, let alone on stage or interviewed etc. Frankly, I get weird.

My weirdness surfaces from some unknown place. I’m sort of miffed when it shows up. The conversation in my head sounds something like, “Why are you here? – Oh, I’m here to mess up your little photo session. – Curse you weirdness.” How my weirdness appears – crooked smiles, no smiles, stiff body and weird poses.

One day in our office I was talking about dreading corporate head-shots.Enter Gary Barragan Photography! He said, “I can make you feel at ease.

The Gary Barragan Headshot Experience

Under my breathe I’m all, “No my weirdness shows up and no one can tame that.” Of course, I politely said, “No, no photographer could ever do that.”

To which he said, “Ya wanna bet?”

So, I was intrigued. I said, “Well I have to have them done for my LinkedIn profile so why not try you?”

To my surprise, I was emailed a set of instructions 2 weeks out. Now, I’m a girl that loves a step A, step B, step C. So bring on the directions! It was very detailed and very thorough. Things I never thought about made complete common sense. Yet as I read through all of it, I cringed because of the “Don’ts” I have always done. Oh, is that why I looked like a clown in that photo? I saw how many times I had done the wrong thing.

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With that, I followed his suggestions and prepared for my shoot. He also suggested makeup from The Beauty Patrol. Ok so here’s the thing. If you know me, you know I wear a tad of eyeshadow and mascara. Blamo! Done! If I have lipstick on – Whoa I’m dressed up!

Again Gary was right. I had Alexis from The Beauty Patrol do my makeup and hair. When we started Gary could see something wasn’t quite right when she finished. He said I had to be honest and tell us if I liked what she did. I did like my makeup but felt my hair was flat. It’s not how I wear it. So she fluffed a bit. Having them listen & care was very nice.

He took some photos and the techniques he used were, well can I just say they WORKED! I saw my pictures and for the first time in my life I said, “I like that one and that one…”

Where did my weariness go? Did I conquer it? I did and I did it was with Gary’s help.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been around for a while in this town in the field of design. I know photographers, but I didn’t know Gary, and he is a photographer that made me feel relaxed and able to bring out my best. Now I’m not running off to model any time soon but I feel much better about my corporate head-shots. I feel much better about my LinkedIn profile shot.

So props to Gary B! Oh & by the way, Alexis – I wore my hair the way you fixed it over the weekend! Lots of compliments. So what does that tell you? Trust Gary Barragan Photography for your head-shots and trust who he recommends to help make you look your best. You deserve to feel good & look good when you’re putting your best foot forward in the working world. Treat yourself to headshots with Gary & be proud!

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