How often do you tell yourself you’ll be happy when you get that job, hit that goal weight, buy that house, etc. I used to tell myself that when I got a certain something or reached a certain point, I would be happy. Why? Why do we live in a society where we always want want want. We are taught that we always need to be working toward something. We always have to achieve something greater. Once we do achieve whatever it is, immediately our brain goes ask “what’s next”, “what more can I do?” Our minds are always racing and always going.

Yes, it is important to have goals, visions, and aspirations. It’s also important to give yourself a pat on the back and say “good job.” Take a second right now, think of ALL the amazing things you have accomplished in your life at this point. Celebrate those wins, be happy for yourself. I know each one of you has some great accomplishments that you celebrate.

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Now you must create that balance. That balance between being proud of yourself and still working on achieving your goals. To find that balance, make a list of your 5-year goals, 1-year goals, 1-month goals, 1-week goals and your goals for the day. You now have this list of everything you can begin working on. At the beginning of each week, make a new list of your goals to accomplish that week. It can be something like having a smoothie instead of a donut for breakfast every day or skipping that Starbucks and making your coffee at home.  When you accomplish that goal for the day, be proud of yourself.

You will slowly start to find joy in the smallest of actions which will then turn into big accomplishments. Before you know it your habits will be changing and you will begin to see your life transforming.

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