I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once. But I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee

Do you ever actually go back through the random notes you take in the most easily accessible app on your phone? For me it’s the stock Apple Notes and, tonight after I added something to a pinned note about blog topics, I started scrolling through some of the notes I’ve jotted down since…well…pretty much ever since I’ve owned an iPhone- which has been since 2007. (Note to self- write blog about how much I’ve spent on iPhones. Lol)

This quote above from Bruce Lee was one of the random notes I had taken that is part of a single note simply titled ‘Quotes’ that I have jotted down in various moments of unbridled enthusiasm, with hopes that they might inspire or remind me of said moments at some point in the future.

The problem with this is that I don’t take the time to peruse back through my notes until it’s generally too late. As in, I have already reinvented the wheel, so to speak. Or when I’ve forgotten to do something, and I’m feverishly scrolling through every obscure note to prove to myself that I did not, in fact, write that down. And that is why I fucked up. 

Notes, like numbers, don’t lie. Unless, like numbers, one wasn’t honest from the get. This is an area where many people meet shipwreck- they are unable to be honest with themselves, and that transfers into the rest of their lives.

For me- I have had a few breakthroughs that occurred because of some random notes I have left myself. Breadcrumbs, if you will, on the trail to grandma’s. If you think about it- nearly every device and gadget we have come up with has been geared toward helping us do the one thing we seem to have trouble doing- get and stay organized.

Currently- my epiphany is centered around the quote that headed up this little ditty. The pursuit of mastery of a craft. You see, as an entrepreneur, starting up and launching new ideas comes naturally. It’s fun. It’s the easy part. But to polish that rough-cut diamond…the one that looks good on the surface but has many flaws and imperfections…takes the dedication…the discipline…to build something that is bigger than one’s self. 

I remember a saying from when I did motorcycle road racing: “slow down to go faster”. As I get older and, hopefully, wiser, I can appreciate this application in pretty much all areas of life. To do more, one must do less. Gah- now I’m getting a little too meta.

What amazing gifts to mankind could be scribbled down on a random notebook? Or a cocktail napkin? Or in that app on your phone? Maybe you should go check. ????????‍♂️

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