Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a scalpel coming straight for your face? Nope, me neither but there I was letting someone come at me with a sharp object ON PURPOSE!

Truth is, Sarah came highly recommended to me for dermaplaning. The experience was fantastic from the first moment I stepped into the intricately decorated room at Elements Spa.

So what is dermaplaning, you ask? Dermaplaning is the exfoliation of skin utilizing a scalpel to scrape off the top layer of dull, dead skin in order to reveal the smooth and bright skin underneath. Besides the smoothest skin of all time, dermaplaning offers lots of other really great benefits for your skin.

 According to the awesome Sarah, as we age (hello thirties) our skin begins to lose that wonderful elasticity we enjoyed in our youth. Removal of dead skin cells help our body to essentially push collagen to the skin surface while simultaneously clearing the way for your pores to become unclogged. Long story short, my face felt amazing after the treatment.

Since I’m sure I terrified you with discussion of scalpels near your face, let me calm your fears. Sarah is highly trained (she’s a surgical assistant after all) and the feeling of the gentle scraping of your skin is actually quite calming. The sensation is oddly relaxing and something I will definitely continue to do for the benefits it gives my face (that glow is almost angelic y’all)!

Sarah recommends that you follow the treatment with a hydro jelly mask. I opted for this the first time I got dermaplaning, and the cooling sensation felt amazing on my skin. I could almost feel my pores soaking in the moisture and nutrients provided by the mask.

Long story short, if you wanna have a glowing smooth complexion, give dermaplaning a chance. Take a look at this awesome video of my first time getting the treatment from Sarah.  Don’t I look totally relaxed?

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Cheers to the journey,

Addy K.

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