I think that we’re all called to do something. I think that everyone has an innate desire to create. Most don’t make the jump (check out this video). In fact, they sit on the couch and judge. But let’s say that you DO decide that you are someone who does want to jump, who wants to do something more in the grand scheme of things. Then you have most likely been inspired or motivated by something or someone.

I am a firm believer that inspiration can come from anywhere. We are all here doing our own thing and we can learn from anyone at any time. The learning and motivation happens when we are paying attention. There is a problem with only being motivated, that many people don’t take into account. This is the thought that crossed my mind by way of a podcast by Jocko Willink by way of another guy; Tim Ferriss. Jocko made a good point by saying that motivation is simply a feeling. It can be stopped pretty easily. That really hit home with me. Because we all get motivated to do things yet most don’t stick with it.

Think about this – you’re super motivated to get some work done at your office. You’re working hard, getting things done and then BAM – you get hungry. Now you’ve just lost your motivation to do anything. See how feeble this motivation thing is? This is precisely why we need to move away from the idea of being motivated toward a goal to “being disciplined” toward a goal.

Motivation is defined as the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something: A force, or influence that causes someone to do something. Discipline is defined as a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders. These two words are often confused by our society to describe people who are successful or who are doing big things. People say “that woman is motivated”. But the reality is that successful people aren’t motivated by outside things or desires. They are, in fact, disciplined in their actions toward reaching their goals. Disciplined people realize something even greater than that- they break it down further by being disciplined in their daily activities which align with the path that they have decided on.

There is also the realization that there really isn’t an endgame after all, because even when you lose the weight, get to the income level, reach your social status or whatever, you still have to maintain that level. The level of performance it takes to get there is, at its minimum, is the same level to stay there. And an even greater level is required to push past it. The disciplined mind recognizes what is important in the long view and can shun away the immediate distractions that will derail it. We are all susceptible to distractions. Self-awareness helps us to be able to recognize when we’ve strayed a little, because, let’s face it, we all stray. What determines our success, in many cases, is how quickly we put down our ego and address the problem.

That’s the hard part. But it’s so worth it.

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