Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. About self-reliance, about pride, and about how we operate as individuals in a community. And with the social landscape the way it is right now, there is a lot of division between people for a multitude of reasons, from political view-points, to religious views and more. And at the end of the day, a lot of people are becoming very self-focused. It got to the point that I have come to a conclusion about my own life: that I can’t (and shouldn’t) rely on myself because I am not better off alone. 

Let me unpack that a little bit. You see, I have struggled with multiple things in my life. From my weight, to self-esteem, to addiction and more. And while in the moment I didn’t realize this (forest/trees), in hindsight I can see that the more I have relied on myself to ‘fix’ things, the worse they got.

I have a pretty solid faith life, and the more I get into the Bible, the more I read about how we aren’t supposed to deal with our problems on our own. I think one of the things that Jesus tries to teach us is that we are meant to lean on those around us. This is for multiple reasons, but the biggest is the fact that we only see things from our own perspective. And in many cases, that is very skewed. 

I began some changes with my business a while ago and I started working with multiple people after a good conversation with a friend. I’ll never forget what he said to be, because it is really so simple and so true, not just for me but literally for everyone. He said: “you’re too close to the fire.” And that is true in so many areas of our lives. We don’t see the bigger picture in so many things. But with the help of people we trust, we can become so much better than we ever could on our own.

Think about the people you’ve got in your life. Your family and your friends. And the people that you call ‘friends’ but who don’t believe in or share your visions and your morals. Choose the people that you associate with wisely, as you are the sum of the people you hang out with the most. Invest in those that invest in you. Trust your gut. And don’t ignore the moments that you can be vulnerable. It’s in those moments that the people around you can show you who they really are, and where you discover who you can be with the right people supporting you.

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