There are TONS of diet fads out there. In fact, you can hardly turn on the TV, radio, or open the internet or social media without being inundated by a dozen ads promoting the next “miracle” solution to getting healthy or losing weight. Most of us have friends who are part of a company selling things, too. So we double get hit by the corporate marketers and people we know who are building a business out of products that they personally love.

It’s overwhelming to say the least.

But, which of these fads, if any, are legit when it comes to a long term sustainable way of eating?

We sat down with personal trainer Brandon Howard of Howard Power Fitness and Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center to talk it out and get a better sense of what we should be paying attention to in this sea of diet white noise. Check it out on this month’s edition of #HowardPowerFitness!

Check out more practical tips from Brandon for eating, staying active, and finding your best you (however you choose to define it) HERE!

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