We have so many things in life that have shaped us into our being. Those things haven’t all been good, some have been traumatizing. No matter, they have shaped us into the amazing people that we are. 

Some of the things we have been through have stayed with us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We find ways to cope with the trauma, but can we let it go? Can we allow ourselves to feel it to get rid of it? Can we release it so that we are no longer triggered by our trauma?

Yes, we can. We can make the choice to choose the right modality to help us heal. You may see a therapist, a coach, a psychic, a healer, and you may also do your own personal work through meditation and exercise. There are so many options out there for us to heal. It’s important to find what works best for you. 

Personally, having psychic and healing sessions has been perfect for me. I also do journaling and meditation. I recently went on a spiritual journey during a weekend retreat. It was such a profound experience. This wasn’t my first retreat and it has helped me to make strides in my healing process. This journey was a journey of self-love. Fall in love with yourself so everything else is love.

During my journey, I was shown my mother after she had me. She was holding me in the hospital and I could see my family was around. My Granny was standing next to me showing me this scene in my life and she reminded me that my mom was young when she had me and she was so scared. She didn’t have her parents for about 10 years when she had me. There was so much love and also so much fear and stress when I came into this world. My Granny showed me the love and support that I had. 

I was also shown a time in my childhood when I lived in The Highlands. I was shown how I never felt love. It had nothing to do with whether there was love or not. I didn’t know how to feel love and I never felt valued or important. Some of that came from home, some of that came from school. Most of that love was the love I didn’t know how to feel from myself.

On this journey I was shown patterns that I carried with me in this life that I no longer need. Things that have been passed down through generations. Old thought patterns. Old mindsets. The tears started to flow and I knew it was time to let go of this old belief system of what being nurtured has to be like. The old pattern of feeling like we have to do it alone. I don’t have to do it alone. 

Through the tears, the breath, the energy work, and the journey back I released those beliefs that aren’t mine. I released the pattern that was being passed down through ancestors and let it go. This healing is deep. It heals the soul and the ancestors as well. I look forward to future journeys and healing for all.

Find your peace. Find your happiness. Find what helps you heal. Live your life to the fullest for YOU. You come first. Once you take care of yourself, you have so much more energy and your happiness is contagious.

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