I am Melissa Blandford, trained Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach, mom, wife, and a hundred other hats I wear depending on the occasion. I am so excited to be joining Yes Louisville as a Positive Voices Contributor. I was born and raised here along with my husband and the majority of our families live here as well. My husband and I met at what used to be Stonybrook Cinemas (now AMC Stonybrook) and started dating when I was 16. We have now been married 15 years. I am also a duPont Manual and University of Louisville Business School Alumni.

I had NO IDEA how to handle my money until I was 27. I was 36 weeks pregnant when we found out our oldest child had half-sized kidneys. There was talk of dialysis, transplants, and preparing for the worst. She was born a week later and after a week in the NICU the doctors sent her home with the prescription to wait and watch. So I found myself a first time mom, dealing with not only my own physical and mental struggles related to creating a life inside of me, but also dealing with the looming issue of my daughter’s health. Dealing with all of these emotions was incredibly trying for us but that wasn’t all of it. We also had to worry about money. How could we pay these medical bills that come from a week in intensive care? We had just bought our first child home and also had student loans and credit cards.

That was the point where we realized we had to figure this money stuff out. We were not going to let finances keep us from giving our child the best care possible. My husband introduced me to the Dave Ramsey radio show which I then listened to every day at work. It taught me exactly what I should do and how I should do it. My husband and I spent the next 2 years paying off $30,000 in debt, everything except our home. Our daughter is now 7, has not had any issues arising from her kidneys so far, and now also has a 3 year old little sister.

After being laid off at seven months pregnant with my second child I decided to stay home to take care of my children. I then went through Master Financial Coach training with Dave Ramsey. All the work we had put in has allowed me to start and run my own business debt-free. The principles I teach that we have followed for the last seven years has completely changed our lives in so many ways, and now I teach others to do the same in order to live their best lives.

I am thrilled to bring you information that you can use to start your path to financial freedom. I want to inform, uplift, and inspire you to start the journey. I look forward to teaching you the process as well as practical steps that you can take right now to get closer to your goals. I am positively thrilled at being invited to be a part of your day!

Thank you!

Visit Melissa’s website for more information on financial coaching, follow her on Facebook & listen in to her podcast, Money Talks, on Anchor for inspiration to master your money!

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