I’ve been gone for almost two weeks traveling with friends. We’ve been planning the trip for over 9 months and when I began the #FitToFly journey in April I knew that it would be an obstacle to staying on track to reach my weight loss goal to go skydiving by the end of July/first of August.

I went into the trip knowing that I wanted to both enjoy it and also not wreck the progress I’d made. My goals were simple:

  1. Try new things and enjoy local cuisine, but be very conservative about sweets. If it looks like a once in a lifetime treat, try it. If not, pass.
  2. Drink water. A lot of water. Like, risk floating away amounts of water.
  3. Find ways to be active every day. When the gym is not an option, get creative.

Overall I think I did pretty well. I did have “beverages” both in Havana and in Key West…but, how could I not have mojitos where the rum is real and Landshark in the land of Jimmy Buffet?!

My favorite mojito in Havana, Cuba.

Cuba was the easiest place to stay on track because it was hotter than Hell’s doorstep and we walked miles and miles a day. We also consumed zero processed food until the airport on the way out when I had my first Diet Coke, or Fiesta Cola Light…which is not at all the same, and a few Pringles. Food in Cuba consisted of rice, black beans, pork, mango, eggs, chorizo, and a few fresh breads. We did have one crepe dessert at a Russian restaurant that was decent and a piece of cake at a Swiss themed cafe, but neither were made with the same kind of sugar and spices we have in the states, so I ate a few bites without indulging at all.

Our average dinner in Cuba.

Eating was much harder in Key West and activity levels changed. We did walk each day, but significantly less. I spent time in the pool at the condo each day and intentionally swam laps instead of just lounging…although I really just wanted to lounge. Food quality, even at the best restaurants, used less fresh ingredients or had processed components, and you could tell. We actually got food poisoning from the very first place we ate after landing back in Florida. Figures, right? We spent almost a week in a developing country with zero issues and the nice marina restaurant we eat at wrecked us all.

The ahi tuna nachos that took us out.

When I returned home in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I went to sleep and decided to weigh myself the following morning to see if any damage had been done. I was excited to discover that I had only gained back one pound! Which truthfully means I probably lost more than that in Cuba and gained it back plus one in Key West.

Regardless of how the scale shifted while I was on the move, I feel good about where I am today, ready to take on the final two weeks of the challenge and succeed. I have 5.6lbs to go and even though I came back to Louisville Burger Week, I’m budgeting my day to enjoy it some while focusing on getting to jump out of a plan the first week of August.

If you have any pointers to help me finish strong, please share in the comments or email me at lori@yeslouisville.com! I love the support!

Thank you to our series sponsors, Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center for their ongoing support in my journey to get #FitToFly!

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