I’ve heard this so many times. I have always seen it as following your instinct or what you know and believe. It wasn’t until I started my spiritual journey that I saw this in a different way.  

Our gut is where our sacral chakra and our solar plexus chakra are. The sacral chakra is a couple of inches below your belly button and your solar plexus chakra is near your stomach area.

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that you can’t see. These energy vortexes connect our feelings and our physical bodies. These two chakras happen to help us follow our gut because they are emotional centers IN our gut areas. The sacral chakra relates to our desire, pleasure, and sexuality functions and our inner feelings. The solar plexus chakra relates to our will power and assertiveness as well as our  joy, laughter, and anger.

Our emotions sit in our gut. They help us feel and know that something is right or wrong, good or bad. How many times have you made a decision and then changed your mind only to say that you should have gone with your first instinct or followed your gut? That’s why teachers tell us not to change our answers and go with your first instinct.  

Test your gut feeling by sitting and thinking of something absolutely wonderful and feel how that feels in your body. Now try to hate something that you really love. How does that feel? It feels horribly wrong! Now you can tell which direction your gut is leading you because you can feel the difference!

Don’t doubt your feelings and instincts. Let your gut guide you. You can trust it. It will never lead you wrong.

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