It’s amazing how food can affect my moods.  I wrote about depression in last month’s #CrystalBallin blog post.  Today, I want to share how food can affect how you feel.

It’s the holiday season and sugar is in high demand. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the amazing parties that go with the holidays.  I love sugar. I’ll tell anyone that, but it makes me feel crazy depressed. Part of my feeling better is eating better. This past Halloween, I partook in sugar and then continued to eat it.  I found myself in tears a week later. It was a slow progression that spiraled. Once I started eating lots of veggies and no sugar, the depression lifted and I realized I needed to talk about this for others who may experience the same thing.

Food is here to nourish our bodies.  I know we all have our favorites so how do we still keep our faves and nourish our body as well?

  1. Plan for the week.  What does each day look like and what do you intend to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?  
  2. When is it you are craving the most?!  What is it you are craving? Make a plan to change your routine for when you are craving sugar or other foods.
  3. Go to the grocery when you’re not hungry with your plan for the week and get only what you need!  
  4. Plan to treat yourself at parties and holiday festivities. Enjoy it guilt-free and get back on track the next day.  
  5. Keep a journal of how you feel each day and what you eat to see if food may affect your mood or your digestive system or your energy!

Food is delicious and nourishing.  Know yourself and know your body. Allow yourself to splurge a little and keep in mind how food may affect YOU.  It’s different for everyone. Maybe you splurge once a week and maybe it’s once a month. With a plan in place and getting to know your body and how food affects you, it will help you keep your mood in check.  

I plan to get back on track after the Christmas Holiday and cut sugar.  I will be focusing on eating 3 meals with little to no snacking and my goal is to not eat after 7 or 8 pm.  This isn’t because of weight loss, although that would be great also! This is to focus on feeling mentally healthy every day.

Happy Holidays!  May they be magical!

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