Often times the best advice we receive is the most stereotypical and cliché. And this one is no different, but it is so overlooked that it can cause some big problems in our day. When you get up in the morning, your first notion isn’t always to drink a big glass of water, but it should be here’s why you should.

Your body has been in a state of fast for upwards of 8 hours. And that’s not just a fast from food, it’s a fast from water. Think about the last thing you drank before bed. For many people, it’s alcohol or soda, or even an energy drink. But your body doesn’t want those things, it wants only water.

We, as a society, don’t drink enough water. We’ve been sold so much bad information by marketers that tell us that we should drink things other than water for maximum health. But the bottom line is that water, pure H20, is the best thing for our bodies. Think of water as a lubricant for our mind and body. If your car doesn’t have the right amount of oil in it, it over heats and cannot run properly. Your body is the same way. But your mind can manifest many other issues when your body doesn’t have sufficient water. You will be hungry, you will be irritable, you’ll be uncomfortable and you won’t think clearly.

– Start with 2 full glasses of water first thing in the morning, ideally as soon as you get out of bed.

– Before every meal, drink 1-2 glasses of water. It will aid in digestion by preparing your stomach for the food that will follow. It will also help you to lose weight by making you feel full faster.

– Drink 1-2 glasses before and after every workout. It will hydrate you at the beginning and replenish the water lost at the end. You’ll feel much better.

– Whenever you feel sluggish or tired, don’t reach for the energy drink! Instead, chug a glass of water. It will wake your body up and help to keep you alert.

Don’t think that soda, energy drinks, or alcohol are replacements for water. It’s not, and in many cases, these drinks can negate the benefits of drinking water. Keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times! We’re especially lucky here in Louisville because of the fantastic tap water, and many businesses and public places have refill stations for your water bottles so you can drink water for free!

Check out this video from Anoosh Shariat about drinking more water!

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