I attended a retreat in the mountains of Tennessee last year put on by Sadhguru. It was billed as a meditation and mindfulness retreat and I learned a ton about the energies that are all around us. But one of the things that really stuck out for me was the morning stretching ritual that was taught to us.

When you think about it, it’s really quite simple. Our bodies are made up of numerous joints, and within those joints are a form of lubricant that helps to keep our joints running smoothly throughout our lives. However, in the morning, after we’ve been lying in a static position for several hours, gravity takes its toll on this lubricant and it forms in the lower sections of our joints. This isn’t the ideal placement for overall protection and movement. So a stretching exercise, done right when you get up, makes perfect sense. It gets the body juices flowing and helps your body to work better.

Here is a great video that shows some simple yoga poses to do before you start your day. Add this to your meditation exercises for a few weeks and then reflect on how much better you feel!

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