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Since this is YES Louisville and the positive voice of our city, I wanted to put a positive spin on October. Not at all to minimize those who have battled breast cancer, but to focus on the things we can ALL do EVERY day to improve the health of not only our breasts but our entire body!

Staggering statistic – cancer cells generally take years, if not decades, to grow into problems. Actually, we all have cancer cells circulating through our body all the time! They only become a problem when our body is not healthy enough to get rid of them. Besides cancer, all diseases…especially chronic ones…do not just show up one day. They have been building for years.

In speaking with a colleague about how long one should expect to “feel better” from a history of health challenges. He response… “as a good rule of thumb, plan on at least one month for every year you’ve dealt with the challenge.”

In honor of Breast HEALTH month, I offer you 10 tips from my list of 31 that I’ll be posting in my private group this month.

  • Food is Medicine – choose food that GOD made…not man made. In other words…choose “whole foods” instead of processed foods.
  • Gratitude – it could not only impact your attitude…but your health
  • Reduce or remove the #1 toxin…sugar! Cancer loves sugar. Sugar is an inflammatory food and inflammation – at the cellular level causes all sorts of problems with energy, receptors, cell die-off, and new cell creation.
  • Get your labs run for micro-nutrients…especially Vitamin D. When our cells are needing the micronutrients to do their jobs and they don’t have the right fuel, then the cells can’t be their best for you. Think of a car…if you were to put diet soda in a Ferrari…it would do far less than just not perform for you!
  • Add broccoli sprouts as often as possible…grow them and control their quality. Broccoli sprouts have super high levels of a micro nutrient called glucoraphanin, a precursor of sulforaphane which 
  • Cell phone – don’t carry it on your person and keep it one foot from your body as often as possible
  • Practice breathing – it will shut off the stress side of your autonomic nervous system
  • Use smoothies to get larger amounts of leafy greens and dark berries 
  • Raise the heat – incorporate infrared sauna to your self-care…cancer cells hate the heat
  • Sleep – it’s not over-rated…it’s under-utilized…your body needs it to detox and get rid of bad cells

These are some easy steps to get started in your Breast HEALTH month which will carry you past October into every day. If you want to see the rest– join my private Facebook group “Cracking TheCodeOfYOU” and become a part of my community.  I offer recipes, free workshops, and helpful tips for your optimal and vibrant life!

Also, a few great resources if you want to dig deeper. These are wonderful folks who are making a difference:

In closing, I leave you with this…you don’t have to live in fear of cancer or any other diagnosis. With upwards of 85% of chronic diseases being preventable…there is HOPE, and I love offering it!

If you have more questions about your Breast HEALTH or DEtoxing – I’d love to help!

To your best you!


your Next Generation Nutrition Coach

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