One saying that I hear most often over the holidays is “I’ll start getting in shape after the holidays are over.” This statement is popular among our nation because people feel like with all the parties and holiday treats they just can’t possibly start any sort of diet or workout regimen. I’m not saying you need to start some intensive program but there is no reason that you can’t make small changes in your daily routine to work towards your goals. Majority of people who try to start an intense diet and workout plan usually don’t last longer than a few weeks no matter what time of year it is because it is not sustainable.

Starting small and making habits stick is more effective. You don’t need to go on some special diet or workout 7 days of the week. You need to find a few small things that you can do that will add up over time. This week you can start with one thing, just one, and only focus on that all week. When you accomplish that each day, that is a win, be proud of yourself. I am going to give some simple things that you can do this holiday season to better your health & wellness.

  1. Drink ONE 16 oz. glass of water before every meal –With all the holiday parties and dinners make sure that you are getting in enough water to help with digestion, skin, energy and when you drink water before a meal it will help to keep you full so you don’t overeat.
  2. Park FURTHER away from stores when shopping – You may spend more time looking for a spot at the mall this time of year than shopping in the mall. Get some extra steps in by parking further away from the stores around this time of year.
  3. FILL up on fruits and veggies – This time of year is filled with cookies, holiday hams, baked goodies, but make sure that you are still getting your micronutrient dense foods in. Have your veggie omelet in the morning and allow yourself your favorite cookie that evening with no guilt.
  4. Do at least ONE thing each week to de-stress – As the holidays approach people began to say how stressed they are, they must buy gifts, go to this party, put up decorations, etc. You still need to take time for yourself. Fill up your energy so you can give more. My favorite way to de-stress is taking an Epsom salt bath with some lavender essential oil and a good book.
  5. BE in the moment – whether you are at a holiday party, shopping or decorating Christmas cookies, stay present in that moment. Be all there. Don’t be thinking about everything that you need to do later. Enjoy this beautiful time of year and make the most of every minute that you have with your loved ones.

Do not become that person that says, “I’ll just start focusing on my goals after the holidays.” When you start today with a small change, it will add up over time and before you know it you will have created so many healthy habits, they will come naturally. You will have more energy, feel better and be able to get more done! The holidays are a time for joy, peace, and love, not stress & anxiety. You deserve to feel your best, so start taking care of yourself TODAY!

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