Welcome back to #smelltheroses…continuing on with the college edition we will be tackling the forbidden and dreaded FRESHMAN 15. Never heard of it? It is known as the curse that freshman in college are bound to gain at least 15lbs throughout their first year of school. I am here to help you keep that from happening. Actually, these tips are beneficial to anyone at any time in their life! I still use them daily. Super simple little reminders and tips that can create healthier habits to lead an overall better lifestyle, and avoid that forbidden weight gain.

  • Make a grocery list to accommodate your living arrangements. Meaning if you live in a dorm, buy foods that do not need an oven or stove top!
  • Tentatively plan your food schedule/choices the night before so you can’t say you didn’t know (of course things will happen, but at least try to plan).
  • When eating at a dining hall, food court, restaurant make conscious decisions, unless it be the weekend or the time you have dedicated to let loose, and recover come Monday.
  • Shop around the perimeters of the grocery store. Ever notice all the wholesome fresh and nutritious foods are on the outsides of the store!?!
  • Carry water around with you EVERYWHERE & try to drink at least ½ your body weight in OZ.
  • Some are against meal prepping and it doesn’t have to be your dinner EVERY evening, but sometimes after a long day having veggies or fruit cut up, or chicken and rice prepared it saves the unhealthy decisions from being made.
  • Are you hungry or bored? Make sure you have your concrete meals and limit your snacking. If you constantly feel “hungry” be active, drink water, go somewhere with friends.
  • Take it one day at a time, and do not be too hard on yourself!
  • Find ways to stay active (gym, fitness classes, Zumba, club sports teams).
  • Having brain fog? Easy fix, go for a walk! (do not chose a drink or fatty food because that will form a BAD habit).
  • ELEVATORS ARE A NO…stairs, stairs and MORE stairs!

I know there are plenty of other ways to stay healthy and fit, but these specifically are some of the things that work for me. So, I challenge you to try these tips and tricks!! It is easy, and before you know it they will all become habits! So avoid that unnecessary weight gain & life your best life!

Comment below what you think of these, and your results from trying out these tips. Catch ya next time on #SmellTheRoses!

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