The bells have rung, and college classes are officially back in swing. If you’re returning to college you may know how it all goes, but some of you may be completely foreign to the college lifestyle.  I can ensure you, I was there just a few years ago myself, that things will get better AND easier.  

So, for starters…let me introduce myself. My name is Rose Marie Crombie, and I am twenty-two years old (cue “22” by Taylor Swift).  I just graduated from the University of Louisville in May 2018, with a Communications BA major concentrating in both Marketing and Sociology.  During my college journey, I was on the University of Louisville Ladybirds dance team where I was fortunate enough to have helped win 7 national championships, as well as make history by not only being the first ever ladybird team to double-title in a year, but to do it three years in a row. Lol, am I proud or no? Anyways, here I am now working for Yes Louisville!

Back to the point here…I am here to give you the dos and do nots, the experiences and lessons, the hacks and where abouts, about college from my college experience.  Let’s be straight, being organized is EVERYTHING. I am an organized freak, and any and all of my friends, coworkers, and family know this about me.  I try to make it rub off on the people around me, because it truly sets the entire tone of your life.  

I will give you a few of my hacks for you all to get started with, and then watch and see how it transfers into all aspects of your life including productivity, organization, and all the in between.  

  • Print out all of your syllabuses for your classes, and write out in your month to month calendar major due dates in a certain pen/marker color (make a key for your color choices to easily remember).
  • If you belong to a sports team, sorority/fraternity, club team, etc. write down when you have practices, appearances, meetings, and/or games in a different color choice!  This way you can easily figure out when you should complete assignment.  For example, say you have a game the night before a paper is due…you would complete it a day earlier or on a day that is blank in your planner.
  • Next, if you have a job or internship, get your schedule from your boss ASAP.  This will alleviate tons of feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed, because if you are granted the ability to schedule your work when it works for you, you will now know when you have school commitments, exams, games, practices, events. etc.!

These little things may seem miniscule, however putting in these efforts heavily into my last two and a half years of college entirely changed my stress levels. The times of not completing an exam, not feeling prepared for an exam, overlapping my work and dance team schedule, and more were no longer.  In overall, it allotted me the ability to stay on top of things and use my days wisely and effectively. 

So, join me and let me know how this helps things for you!  In every single part of life you can find the silver lining or as I like to say you can #smelltheroses.  So go try it…I dare ya 😉

Catch you next time…XO, Rose


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