There I sat in our “renovated” basement – set up as our kids’ new “home school” areas – separated, of course, so that both our children (daughter starting her freshman year being homeschooled and our son starting third grade) could learn and not be distracted by one another.  I still remember the day… I sat, watching in shock as our sweet 7-year-old hit himself in the head repeatedly because he could not recall very simple first-grade math facts and listened to him call himself “stupid.”  “STOP! I implored…it’s ONLY math!”  In addition to this, our daughter had her own struggles that we were guiding her through as well.  The fear engulfed me. 

Holy cow, Batman!  What have we gotten ourselves into?!

I was a new wife, step-mom, and now homeschool teacher and knew I was so far in over my head! But, through every single step in my life’s journey thus far…I had my feet solidly planted on a very firm foundation and rock – my faith and personal relationship with Jesus!  I knew in this situation as in all others – HE would see me through.

That day was the day that, in hind-sight, started my personal and professional journey which has led to my work with individuals on their own personalized wellness journey and #TheCodeOfYOU! You see, my husband and I began to see new insights into our children through the homeschool days and as a result, I began to spend my “free time” researching and investigating – these two hallmarks still present in my work with clients.  

To condense the years of our learning journey, let me just give you the stepping stones…

  • Crazy behaviors
  • Began working with an OT for “muscle work” to help the brain hemispheres work in better partnership
  • Introduction to essential oils which provided the first nights of REAL sleep
  • The day I heard “Mommy, it hurts when I poop” and then thought…YIKES! What do I do with THAT?!
  • Added a very nutrient-dense drink to their morning routines
  • The “alien abduction” happened! There were no bright lights. No strange sounds. No grey men in our living room…just the very delightful presence of joyful, happy, and respectful children!
  • WHAT? The curiosity ramped up.
  • The conversation with our son as to what had changed in his mind that allowed him to make better choices?
  • His insight of “maybe it’s that stuff you make me drink every morning!”
  • My renewed “inquiring minds want to know” investigative drive (a drive that was like a dog who wouldn’t let go of that rope toy – you know what I mean) into solid research of the connection between nutrition and neuro-developmental diagnoses … and there WAS  a connection indeed!
  • The fork-in-the-road conversation with my husband about “what do you want to do when you grow up” to which I answered… “well…I love the coaching I used to do with folks before we were married, but I cannot turn away from what we have learned about nutrition.”  To which he responded…is there something like a HEALTH coach?
  • Hmmm…interesting…the journalist in me rose up again…there was…I did…and now I am a Certified Health Coach, Certified Essential Oils Coach, and continue additional education in the genetics and epigenetics fields of study.
  • We’re not “there” but continue to make small steps toward our optimal wellness and through these articles, I’ll share with you how you too can take small steps for big results.

Full disclaimer…I am NOT a medical practitioner. I do not pretend to play one on TV. I do not prevent, diagnose, treat, cure, or heal any disease. I am simply an Investigator!  My practice focuses on investigating and connecting the dots with individuals who are sick and tired of being sick and tired or who just want more out of life.  I love supporting you on your own personalized journey to wellness and seeing you live YOUR most abundant vibrant life possible based on YOUR unique design.  

Every day that I have the privilege of talking with a client or potential client, I am in awe at the complexity of each individual person – physical, emotional, and spiritual components that are creatively and skillfully woven together to make you unique and individual. Because of your uniqueness…I do not work with you based on averages because you are not average! 

Each one of us is made up of 72 trillion cells, approximately six feet of DNA hard-coded blueprint, compromised of about 23,000 genes with detailed instructions on every single molecular function and attribute in our bodies. Surround that physical body with each person’s unique emotional history, the ability to make thousands of choices every day, as well as the seen and unseen environmental influences we “breathe” in… makes for an extremely unique and individualized YOU!

Together we begin to explore these puzzle pieces of you and crack #TheCodeOfYOU through discovering your genetic blueprint, uncovering epigenetic influences on your blueprint through lifestyle choices and environmental exposures, exploring your journey thus far, and your dreams for your future.  Then I provide insights, possibilities, education, and solutions in the best next step for your optimal wellness journey.

“All of us have a sense of wanting to “do something meaningful” with our lives. We call this universal and powerful longing a Big Dream. And, like the genetic code that describes one’s unique passions and abilities, your Big Dream has been woven into your being from before birth – therefore it never is quite like someone else’s Dream!” – Bruce Wilkinson, The Dream Giver

I believe with all my heart that every single person was divinely created for a specific purpose and sadly, when our health is anything less than optimal, we are unable to fulfill that purpose and are not living the abundant life promised.

I am super excited and quite honored to be the newest contributor of Positive Voices in Louisville to help you be your best YOU beginning with your cellular and genetic foundations.  My goal is to empower you to own your health naturally. Don’t cower down when someone discounts your innate wisdom about your own wellness. Stand tall. Turn over every stone. Seek a coach who will journey with you because you know yourself better than anyone else (besides your Creator)!

I will leave you for today with this quote that has been a foundation in my business for decades. It was engraved on the desk plate of bank owner and President, Bernard Trager.

“Tell me all the reasons we CAN!”  

You CAN live your most abundant, optimal, and vibrant life. Let’s begin today!

To your best you!


Your Next Generation Nutrition Coach

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