There’s a BIG difference between making decisions because you think you should and making them instinctively. This week I turned that corner with my food choices.

People who know me well know I LOVE pizza. You know those buzzfeed quizzes that tell you what food you would be, what your favorite food says about you, etc? All of those revolve around pizza for me.

But, on Friday at Miguel’s in Red River Gorge, I ordered a pizza without even thinking about it. I just chose to be good. I acknowledged how good their pizza was to the person with me who had never been there before, but I grabbed the salad order form without even thinking about it.

Now, to be completely honest I did have a moment where I realized I was about to order a salad at Miguel’s and hesitate because I thought I might be crazy, but then I realized that was just how bad I wanted to reach my goal to go skydiving. That motivation had trumped the pizza!

I am a little over a month away from the deadline and I feel stronger than ever that I can do this. Will do this. You’ll have two videos in July instead of four based on my travel schedule, but then three videos from now will be actual footage of me JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE!!!

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