Did you ever collect rocks as a kid or paint them? My sister, brother, and I did. We would look for cool rocks and I remember painting them at festivals. Now I find myself as an adult collecting rocks again. Well, not rocks, crystals. In fact, sometimes I wonder why my purse is so heavy and realize I have 5 crystals stashed in there!

Yep, I’m that new age hippie chick collecting crystals. I wander into the crystal shop and find what I’m drawn to. I also may go in looking for a particular stone. Each crystal has particular properties that can assist us. Usually we are drawn to the crystal we need.

Last week I was in my friends office and we were visiting with her beautiful crystals. I picked up a large smoky quartz and realized a few seconds later that my heart was beating really fast. That’s when I said, “I don’t think I fully understand crystals.” Why was my heart beating fast as I held that crystal? My friends response was that our body is made up of the same properties as the crystals and it is trying to sync with the vibration of the crystal. 

I looked up the properties of smoky quartz. While it has many properties, it helps sooth physical and emotional pain. No wonder my heart was beating fast! I think I’ll go borrow that crystal and lay it on my chest while I meditate! I’ve been in a lot of physical and emotional pain the past couple of weeks!

So, what do you do next? Stop in Stix-n-stonz and see what crystals you may be drawn to.  Carry it in your pocket or in your bra (yes, for real). Crystals have so many amazing healing properties! You may be surprised at the help these earthly beauties have for you! Get to know your crystal. It will speak to you. Magic is everywhere. 

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