Hello Everyone this is Brandon with HowardPower Fitness coming at you with another segment on how to stay fit in the office!

When you are sitting down for long periods of time one of the areas of the body that grows weaker is your core muscles.

And so a lot of people think of the core as just your stomach. But the core is also your lower back and actually some of your mid back as well.

So when we’re sitting laid back all day long or hunched over, we are doing a big dis-service to those muscles who don’t get worked that often.

One great exercise that is also low impact is the leg lift.

It’s really really easy, anyone can do it.

So we want to move to the edge of the seat so that way your back has to do some of the work. Lean back just a little bit, bring your leg straight up and then you kick.

You do about 10 to 15 with one leg and then switch legs and do it again.

It may look like the easiest exercise but if you do it enough times it’s definitely gonna give you a burn. And because my back is not braced on the back of the chair, my back muscles have to do some work, my stomach muscles have to do some work, and i’m getting the good benefit of my legs getting some of the work as well. So if you have some knee pains, this is a great low impact leg workout as well.

So again, leg straight out, and then kick out. And if you wanna make it a little bit harder you can hold something in your hand.

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