Depression is a part of my life experience. I have been through emotional ups and downs my entire life. I have had many come forward in my intuitive life coaching sessions with their struggles and I want to openly share mine with you. I never knew why my reactions were sometimes so extreme or why I felt sad while living a very blessed life.

It’s an internal battle sometimes. Knowing what responsibilities you have and having goals you would like to achieve. Then doubting yourself and how wonderful you are. doubting your potential and feeling like a burden to others. 

I wanted to be an actress and perform on Broadway. I graduated from the Youth Performing Arts School and was accepted into Point Park college for Musical Theatre. What an amazing experience! Piano at 8 am, workout at 9am, and Ballet at 10 am. I loved every minute. Due to my depression, I began to doubt my beauty and talent. I second guessed what I wanted to do so I changed my plan. 

Depression isn’t just feeling sad. It can affect your self esteem. It can make many things difficult to handle emotionally. It can make small tasks seem like huge tasks. It can feel miserable. 

You do get through it. It’s only temporary! A couple weeks ago, I was feeling quite depressed and didn’t want to leave the couch. Then a few days later, I woke up and the sun was shining. I picked myself up and went to a festival with my family. I enjoyed the cool breeze, the running, the laughter, and the feeling of fun. I realized that I don’t allow myself to have enough fun. 

I have found things about myself that I need to work through and it isn’t always pretty. So I am aware of when I am feeling depressed and I am mindful of each moment. Molly Maloney and I spoke on our podcast “Sacred Art of the Wild Heart” about cultivating awareness and your emotional state is part of that. If you would like to listen, you can find this on my website:

Here are some tips for those of you that may deal with some depression:

  • Be aware of how you are feeling .
  • Stop being Super Woman/Man and be honest with yourself and your inner circle that you aren’t feeling well.
  • Be honest with what you need to feel better. Take it one minute at a time.
  • Give yourself a break and do what feels good in the moment.
  • Say no to things that can wait. 
  • Allow yourself to feel the emotion and why you are feeling it. Journal about it and release the emotional trigger. 
  • See a healer. If you need recommendations, please reach out to me. I work closely with counselors, massage therapists, financial healers, and spiritual healers. 
  • Decide what you need to feel good. You deserve it. That’s self care. Being aware of you in each moment. Experience and Feel life.
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