There is magic in the air at the beginning of a new year. We are setting new resolutions for ourselves and our lives. We are excited about these goals and we start out strong with great excitement. It’s as if the new year give us permission to start over. It gives us permission to forgive ourselves for the goals we didn’t achieve last year and pat ourselves on the back for the ones we did achieve. It gives us a chance to reflect on the past year and realize what life has brought us. Both the lessons and the blessings.

No matter what this past year brought you, there is always a lesson. There is always something to learn. I can’t always see it at the moment, but I can reflect back and find the silver lining. Take some time and reflect back on last year. What did you accomplish, what did you learn, what are you ready to change?

NOW, What do you want to accomplish this year?! I like to write down what my goals are for the year and put them into a vision board or in a journal for me to look back on. This helps me keep my vision in sight for the year. It helps for me to focus on what goals I have set and manifest them into my life. Manifest is a word I like to use that helps me envision my goals and dreams clearly and attract them into my life.

I recommend you do this for yourself. You can do it for the year or you can do it for the month. Make a list of your goals. Place them somewhere you will see them each day. Spend a few minutes each day or each week picturing yourself accomplishing those goals and how that would feel!

I will be focusing on goals and manifesting in my 6-week workshop Master Your Mindset at Yes Working starting January 31. It all comes down to having a powerful vision for what you want to accomplish and believing that it is possible.

This is going to be a magical year! Make the best of it! Set your sights high and love yourself every step of the way!

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