New Year…New YOU!

As the New Year is here, so is the possibility of the “new you.” It is an unavoidable hope that the New Year will bring a clean slate for us to write our life and health the way we want it to be. It is a beautiful belief to hold that we will regenerate and rebuild as the year starts again. So, we inevitably set standards for ourselves to meet, a version of ourselves that becomes our new inspiration. We try and try again each year but often we find ourselves falling short of the person we set out to become with full conviction on New Year’s Eve.

So, what is it that we do wrong that we become stuck in a cycle of unfulfilled resolutions and goals? I personally am not a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions” because there is such a high rate of breaking…I prefer to encourage my clients to set goals and take small steps toward the vision you have of your “New You.”

Ironically, just today, our daughter got her “braces” on – they are “Invisaligns.”  The more I have come to understand how they work…the more I realize that they are how we should view any change in our lives.  Small incremental changes provide such longer lasting changes for a lifetime…not just a resolution. 

Sometimes, “Resolutions” fail because of the goals themselves. Let us look at practices that may make rewriting ourselves entirely this year a little more manageable.

Listen to Yourself

We find ourselves, often, trying to live up to become the version of ourselves that has been sponsored by someone else’s opinions and validations. It is time to quiet down the voices in your head that are not your own. Try to listen to what it is that your heart is saying – to your purpose. If you find yourself in the same sort of situations, maybe you are short-tempered again, maybe you skip breakfast and you are exhausted again in the span of a few hours – whatever it may be, it will be a familiar kind of distress. For situations like those, the answer usually lies within. Shut everything else out and listen to what your body and mind are asking for. Those goals are the ones you will want to commit to.

Unburden Yourself

The weight you really should commit to losing this year is the one you have been carrying on your conscience and heart. Forgiveness is the true key to feeling lighter. When it comes to holding grudges about what other people have done, it burns you from the inside out. I am reminded of the movie “French Kiss” when Kate (Meg Ryan) is sitting on the swing with Luc (Kevin Kline) and she gently says “fester fester fester …rot rot rot” as she encourages him to let go of long-time family hurts. Although there is no success formula for forgiving others, you can start by acknowledging that it is okay to let it go.

However, forgiveness is not limited to others. There are things weighing down on your conscience too. Forgiving yourself is definitely more complex, but a good place to start this year is by accepting that you are only human – with flaws, vulnerabilities, and limits.

Accepting You Are Human

Start out this year by accepting the human part of you. Do this by making your goals human, too. Set out small goals and reward yourself (with something other than food) for whatever extent of your goals you can accomplish, this will give you the sense of accomplishment you need to be motivated to complete your resolutions. Set goals that are broad such as “breathe in times of anxiety” instead of “exercise everyday.” This will allow you to feel liberated within the goals you set for yourself.  Don’t get me wrong… “SMART” goals are still important and valuable and certainly have a place in our journey, but for now…let’s start with broad reminders.

Also, make your goals about accepting weaknesses. When you acknowledge what you cannot do, your narrative turns from self-deprecating to self-motivating.  I recently participated in a great exercise in a MasterMind group called “Expose your LIES” (as created by the incredible Lisa Nichols) and it is really beginning to re-shape my own inner voice.

Practice Gratitude like a Habit

The most important goal for this year should be gratitude. Perception is the key to determining everything, while you may be suffering between a rock and a hard place, your outlook upon life may change your entire approach to it. Gratitude transforms the mundane into the surreal, you will realize what gold you witness every day. Every day of the New Year will start feeling like a fresh start, the things that have been routine for ages will start feeling novel. When you practice gratitude like a habit, you can motivate yourself to complete all the other goals you set out for yourself too. We are so incredibly blessed and have so much compared to millions of others. We need to recognize and be grateful for what we DO have…not what we do NOT.

Your Mind and Body Go Hand in Hand

It is not only for the health freaks to learn how to pay attention to what your body is saying you need. Whether it is breakfast at least 3 days a week or a complete cycle of sleep at a reasonable hour, this is what is going to make your year shine. Your body houses your mind and it is up to you to make it a happy home. Set goals for your health which are manageable: hydrate, take a walk, have some greens, soak in the sun. When things may not be looking up for your state of mind, your body can always be given a boost with a little care and concern.  As a Health Coach who focuses on your unique code (aka your genetics / DNA,) I love working with individuals to discover AND utilize that knowledge to learn about ourselves at the cellular level – the world inside our body can explode with possibilities and potential! When we take care of our cells…our cells will take care of us!

I’m super excited to be offering some incredible online classes for folks who are ready to embark on their own unique journey to crack TheCodeOfYOU! I’ll also be hosting a free online workshop in my private Facebook group that’s around your Vision for your HEALTH! If you’re interested, reach out and friend-request me on Facebook.  When you do, I’ll send you a free “Gratitude e-Journal.”

To your best you!



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