Mercury went into retrograde on July 7th. You probably hear people panic when mercury goes into retrograde. Oh no! Well, let’s talk about this a bit and what to do when mercury is in retrograde. Let me start with saying we are all made of stardust and our bodies are in tune with the moon, sun, and planets alignments. We may not always pay attention to it as we go about our daily lives, but when something goes haywire in our lives, we wonder what could have caused it.

Mercury in retrograde is when mercury’s orbit slows down and the earth’s orbit stays at the same speed so it appears as if mercury is going in the opposite direction. When retrograde happens, this is when the planet goes into a resting period. Mercury rules all forms of communications, including listening, speaking, learning, negotiating, selling, buying. Since mercury is in retrograde now, those areas that it governs don’t have the benefit of having its full energy. Kind of like us not being fully alert if we weren’t to get a good night’s sleep.

So, what does this really mean in our lives and why do people trip out about mercury being in retrograde and seem to blame everything on it? Well, it’s not a blame game. It’s the fact that you need to be aware that mercury is in retrograde and this is a good time to sit back and rest. Don’t make too many final decisions or sign any contracts. Be patient in your communications because things can easily get twisted around.

As I write this, today is the first day of Mercury Retrograde. I have felt on edge and I have had trouble with finding things online that I was needing and got very frustrated. (Computer coding can also be affected by mercury retrograde as well.) Also, our final production of a theatre production I was performing in got canceled. Thinking of these now, I can see how these could relate to mercury in retrograde!

So here are some things that will help you through the few times a year that mercury goes retrograde. Yes, it happens that often! 

  • Take time to rest and meditate. 
  • Pay special attention to your dreams and write them down in a journal. They may mean something later! 
  • Don’t take things too personally. Brush things off and move forward. 
  • Finish older projects that you have set aside.  
  • Practice self-care and self-love

Mercury Retrograde isn’t bad. It’s a time to reflect and to relax. Enjoy the time that’s meant for you to just be!

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