I am a morning person– always have been– hope to always be one! Many times I am asked how, and why I get up before dawn, as it isn’t light yet, why not lead with why/ how my adventures start?

Choices: As a 6-year-old tot, I had the extreme gift of bringing home my first pony, Cookie, to be cared for by me, and only me.  I am so grateful that my parents laid down the “law” and I knew they didn’t say anything they didn’t mean– The conversation went vaguely like- “This animal is yours & your responsibility.  We don’t know anything about caring for it-If she isn’t fed, watered, stall clean each day before school, and every day, she will be gone by the afternoon.” I loved Cookie and all animals with a passion that I rarely see these days, but I wanted to keep my pony, and nothing would stand in my way to make sure I heard her sweet nicker each morning, before dawn, when I opened the barn doors to my own paradise. Even in my teen years, when I made some other less than stellar choices, my animals were always taken care of first, before all else.

When I am outside around 5 am, getting the paper now, as I don’t have horses at home to feed, looking up at the stars is the best feeling. The peace and serenity of the early morning, and then as the sun starts to come up- priceless. My mind is sharpest before noon, and as soon as I wake up, be it 4 am or 6, when I awake, I want to get up, make coffee, and start my day.

I do understand that it may seem impossible to enjoy going to the gym before the sun rises, but in my somewhat challenging schedule, this is the time of the day that I can commit to me, and nothing else usually comes up that I need to deal with– as many days I just end up putting out a variety of fires, so I need to take care of myself & my health 1st thing in the morning. Health is the most important part of life, and for me, rising early, looking forward to the day, is a large part of my self-care.

I challenge anyone who wants to change their life– start the habit of getting up before the sun rises for 30 days– let me know if it improved your life.  Even without the snicker of ponies greeting me, I am grateful for each morning, and the possibilities of the day.

Much love, pb

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