I think Facebook is a wonderful thing. It allows me to connect with my friends and family from all over the world. I can stay up-to-date with my friends in Germany and see how their kids are doing, and see what pictures of me growing up my mom “shared” today. (Fun fact: I was a cute kid.)

I was the greatest ring bearer this side of the Mississippi 


But like a back handed compliment Facebook can also show you a whole bunch of negative thoughts from the negative Nancy and Neds from all over the world…and some of these thoughts are closer to home.


The problem is that a good chunk of people have so much negativity and hate in their lives that it flows over into what they post online. It is easier for people to hide behind a screen and let the negativity take over. They think there aren’t any consequences because for the majority of the time the people they are being hateful toward are complete strangers in other parts of the world.

It’d be easy to respond back with negativity. But, consider the better alternative.

For me I use these steps when encountering negative things online:

  • Don’t Engage- Don’t do it, especially with people who have a history of being negative or argumentative. Even if you post a nice comment on a post to try to shine some positivity, someone for the sake of being  negative will jump on that to make you feel terrible. Don’t engage in it, in fact, unfollow them.


Look how easy it is to unfollow someone posting negative thoughts and vibes.

  • Focus on the Positive- Fill your feed with positive and uplifting content. Type “Positive” into the facebook search bar and follow and like some of the accounts that pop up. The more uplifting posts in your feed the better you will feel about yourself.
  • Take a Break– Sometimes I uninstall the Facebook app on my phone for a week to let myself take a hiatus from Facebook when a major political event or sport event happens.  It’s a great way to step away from the negativity that you see if you are on there.


Also, on the flip side, make sure you aren’t accidentally starting some of this negativity.  Ask yourself these 3 basic questions before you post on Facebook:

  • Would you say this to the person if they were right in front of you?
  • Will this hurt the person’s feelings?
  • Would you say this if this person was a friend?



I want to challenge you all to post something positive on Facebook every day for one week OR post something encouraging and positive to a friends’ wall don’t be a negative Nancy or Ned. Add to the good out there! 


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