There’s no place like home.

It’s not just a line from The Wizard of Oz, my favorite childhood movie. This week it was kink in my mojo.

You see, I love my home. Not just because she’s cute, but because I have her set up to make my life as smooth as possible, including my #FitToFly routines. As it turns out, being away from her, even in the same city, makes staying on target way tougher than I thought.

Since Thursday of last week I’ve been petsitting for a friend and staying in her home to be sure the fury kiddos have the TLC they need. It’s a lovely home and she even went to the grocery to stock up on the tasty healthy things I’m eating while working on my weight loss goal to go skydiving. It’s even closer to the gym, so I thought I’d have an even more on target week with no big barriers in play.

But, I was wrong.

Being in a different space has thrown everything out of whack, which has me thinking about the travel I have coming up in July and how important it will be to anticipate issues, set myself up to stay on track, and get accountability for those weeks from the people I will be traveling with.

I am too close to let something derail me, so I’m in for the challenge! Check out the full reflection on this week in the video and if you’re just joining, you can see the full #FitToFly video series HERE!

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