Hello everyone, my name is Brandon Howard and I’m the owner of HowardPower Fitness. I’ve been training in Louisville in home and at Baptist Health Wellness Center for almost a decade. Specializing in weight loss, weight management, and orthopedic exercise. I’ve partnered with Yes Louisville to bring you a series on how to stay fit in the office. #OfficeFit

This first episode is Taking a Walk . The hardest thing for the working class or working individuals to do is actually get up from their desk and move around. But more and more studies are showing the more that you stay seated the more our risk for everything grows. 

So one of the easiest things, it doesn’t cost anything, and the only equipment you need is for you to just get up and walk around.  So if you work in a cool neighborhood like we have.  Kinda walk around and go out an explore, enjoy the architecture or the scenery. If you do not and you work with a place with multiple floors get up and walk the stairs every once in awhile.

Doesn’t matter how often you do it, the only thing that matters is you get moving on a more consistent basis. In the following episodes I will be doing exercises on what you can do in the office, in an office chair, in an office setting and also talking about nutrition and what you can do to eat a little healthier at work. 

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