Hello everyone this is Brandon with HowardPower Fitness, coming at you with another segment on how to stay healthy in the workplace.

So when you open up your fridge here, and this is a typical work fridge, we have a BUNCH of stuff thats here. You have the chili, and all of the things that go with the chili. Couple of things that kind of stick out to me, is the high performance protein shake, that we can get into later.

The star of the show is the yogurt here! When you’re looking at yogurt, yogurt is a very convenient snack and allows you to get a good bang for your buck. But there are couple of things you want to look at when you’re choosing your yogurt.

  1. Calorie Count- This yogurt here is 80 calories. You typically want to stay about 120 calories and under because once you get a little bit above that it then it starts becoming a meal.
  2. Protein- You always want to go with double digit protein. This one hits on that mark with 12 grams of protein.
  3. Sugar- You want to have a 2:1 ratio or as close to a 2:1 ratio as possible with protein to sugar. This is 12 grams of protein, with 7 grams of sugar. So this is getting really close to that mark there.

Once you find out that they’re all good to go, you are in fact good to go! It doesn’t matter the brand that you go with. This is a Dannon, but FAGE, Kroger Brand, Walmart Brand, Meijer Brand, whatever brand you go with they’re all gonna be fine, as long as they hit in those parameters.

Next thing that we’re gonna look at going on the convenience thing is having fruit readily available.


You don’t have to prepare fruit, it is easy. You just pick the fruit up, you wash it off, then you eat it. So the great thing about the fruit is it’s very filling, you get a lot of fiber, it’s high in water. So if you have a problem drinking water, this is one good way of getting your water in.

You combine the fruit with the yogurt and you have a really good snack for under 200 calories. Which can get you in the snack range instead of going into the meal range.

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