Have you ever wondered why you feel more sexual when you feel you are succeeding in life or why you don’t feel like having sex when you are just going through the motions of life?

Your creative energy and your sexual energy are both housed in your sacral chakra. Our connections with others is a big part of this energy center also. This energy center is located a couple of inches below your belly button.

You can allow yourself to focus your attention to that area, visualize that area, or feel that area of your body. Once you focus your attention there, what do you notice? Notice any pain, discomfort, emotion? Be curious and ask why. Pay attention to the answers that “drop-in” as you become curious. Call your power back. Breath in and on your breath out release anything that you need to let go of with grace and ease.

Now, tap into the energy you feel. Honor those feelings. What are you going to create today? Utilize that creative energy to work towards a dream. You’re in charge. Go make your dreams come true!

I suggest downloading the app for chakra meditation. You can listen to the binaural beat, the mantra, or the solfeggio hertz meditations for each chakra. You can focus on the sacral chakra if you’d like AND you can be curious about your other energy centers as well. 

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