I feel like I should start with how you feel about money. Most of my clients in the beginning feel negatively about money, or are so afraid of money that they pretend like it is unlimited or that they will never have it. I used to feel that way, like no matter what I could just never get ahead, I was always going to struggle, and that was just my reality. That is NOT true. You can start right here and right now!

How would you like to feel about money? That there is always enough, you will never run out, or it will help you live your dreams? I know that right now you think there is no way that you can say those things to yourself and believe it. But I know that we can work you toward that thought. Personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% first grade math. If you can add and subtract then you have got the math part down. 

Now I must warn you, this thought work is not enough by itself. You need to do the actual work of figuring out where you are at financially and making a plan to get where you want to be. However, this thought work is very beneficial, it helps minimize self-sabatoge, overwhelm, and create a habit of thinking about your finances in a more positive way. Negative self-talk about money will only bring you down and make it more difficult to succeed.

Let me give you an example of how to bridge from one thought to the next creating a new thought for you surrounding money.

Your thought now: I am terrible with money.

1st New Thought: I have always had enough to survive.

2nd New Thought: I am good at adding and subtracting, so I could be good with money.

3nd New Thought: Money is meant to flow through me, coming in and going out.

4th New Thought: I am telling my money where to go and it obeys me.

5th New Thought: I have exactly what I need to have right now.

6th New Thought: I am taking steps towards my goals with money.

7th New Thought: I am great with my money.

Stay on every step as long as it takes for you to believe what you are saying. Make as many steps as you need and make them as big or small as your brain can accept. Make each step a little closer to how you want to feel and soon enough you will feel confident in your ability to control your money.

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