Jessica Tanselle is a Medium. We know that word sparks different images for different people. It did for us when we first met her.

After sitting down to hear her story & learn more about what it means to be a Medium we were amazed. She does not claim to tell the future. She is not looking into a crystal ball…although her awesome series in the Better You section of is called #CrytstalBallin just for fun.

She is a woman guided by a very unique intuition that she brings to the Louisville community through individual coaching sessions, workshops on meditation & breathing, tarot card readings, & MORE!

We love her holistic approach to mind-body wellness & invited her to share it as a monthly contributor! Her positive voice shines bright on our site & we thought it was time for you to get to know her better.

Listen in as Yes Louisville CEO Jason Mudd talks with Jessica about life as a Medium & MORE! You can also check out her series…just CLICK HERE!

Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!
Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!
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