This was a week of big highs…and one big low.

Check the video for the bigger WHY behind the highs. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Milestone staff are amazeballs. (Yes, that is an official wellness world term.)
  2. I’m finding community there that extends beyond the gym.
  3. I saw a before and after picture of myself, courtesy of the ever-awesome Spencer, the marketing maven on the Milestone team who is quickly becoming a friend. It blew my mind. Once upon a time I would not have shared this with you, but I’m over hiding my body and I’m proud of this. Check it out!
Left: Very First Workout | Right: Almost Nine Weeks Later

I’m feeling like this picture warrants a little reward. I’ve been thinking about getting new gym shoes, but get overwhelmed trying things on with pushy salespeople stalking nearby. Anyone have a place in town they recommend for good, reasonably priced, gym shoes with helpful staff who will get me into something good for the type of activity I’m doing? I also walk on the outsides of my feet, so I need something to help me combat that with good arch support.

If you have any ideas, hit me up!

Now for the one big low…

A craving hit me Saturday night. Just two little words. I had a coupon. It was free. But, man, did I pay for it later.


I went to a great event, came home and had the munchies. It’s right down the street and that coupon was burning a hole in my wallet. So, I rolled over to Eastern Parkway and got a #2 combo with cheese sticks and a Diet Sprite. It was a mistake.

Not 30 minutes after I ate it my stomach starting screaming…


I guess that while I’ve been living in the land of moderation when it comes to food, I’ve also managed to stay away from eating things in the fast food category. My digestive system wasn’t used to it anymore and was not having it again.

Lesson learned in a big way. Next time the cravings hit I’ll have to find a way to satisfy them that doesn’t involve a drive thru…at least not that one.

Have a great week and as always, a HUGE thank you to our partners at Baptist Health Milestone Wellness Center! Click the logo below to learn more about their facility and services. You can take a FREE tour anytime and I guarantee you’ll be impressed!

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