Kentucky weather is lovely, right? One day it could be sunny and in the sixties, the next day freezing rain could turn into torrential downpours that cause major flooding throughout the city. (I know y’all have seen the memes reflecting the craziness that is Kentucky weather.) 

If you’re anything like me, on top of dealing with clinical depression and anxiety, the weather very much effects my ability to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and even physical illness. I’ve been sick twice so far this year and I injured myself causing extreme pain for weeks. Being absent from my responsibilities, friendships, job, relationship, etc. during these times I always have great amounts of anxiety.  I feel guilty for not being present and talk myself into thinking the worst. After a while, I develop different coping habits besides my usual go-tos.

So what do I do when the sun doesn’t shine and the rain won’t go away? 

I remind myself that I am human. I am allowed to be sick because humans get sick. I remind myself that I am often too hard on myself, as many of us are. I remind myself that the sun will come out again, I will get better, my situation will improve, this isn’t forever. I remind myself how lucky I am to have all of the people in my life that are understanding when I have to be absent from things that I would typically want to be present. I remind myself of how lucky I am to have the partner that I do who takes care of me on the days I can’t remember any of the above-mentioned steps. I drink hot tea, watch my favorite movies, and read a good book when I’m feeling up to it. 

A major part of my depression is feeling guilty for no reason. The guilt turns into stress and that turns into anxiety. Sometimes it’s a vicious cycle, but at some point the cycle breaks. I’m thankful for breaking the cycle and knowing that it will be broken. So if the rain won’t go away literally and metaphorically, try to ground yourself in the sun coming out again. 



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