New year, new me? With every new year, it seems as though resolutions grow more and more prevalent whether on the internet, via ads, talking with friends, or strangers even. I’ve always found the idea of New Year’s resolutions to be strange and trying for me.

As someone who has been overweight all my life, there’s this crushing pressure to change myself drastically with the latest crash diet. When I was younger I would always put the expectation on myself to lose X amount of pounds. Now that I’ve grown more comfortable with myself, I’ve learned how to set goals without making myself feel inadequate or less than or setting some societal standard for myself.

Did I set New Year’s resolutions for myself this year? No. Does that mean I don’t have goals or that I plan to stop improving? Definitely not. I think it’s extremely important to always be improving, but in ways that are healthy and not harmful. Crash diets don’t work. Drinking more water helps. Not giving in to that voice in the back of your head telling you that you have to be a certain way to fit in or succeed in life helps.

So this year, I’m taking a body positive and mental health leading approach to my goals because I’m enough and I promise you are too. Happy New Year, y’all! Keep working towards the person YOU want to be everyday.

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