We focus so much of our energy looking for our soulmate and wanting to be loved a certain way. It’s time for us to show ourselves that loving energy to call in what we would like to receive from our lovers. This is the case for you being single, in a relationship, or in many relationships. Whatever makes you happy… let’s make it even happier!

Love begins with how we treat ourselves. How do you want your most intimate lover to speak to you? Do you want to be told how beautiful and sexy you are? Of course, you do! Now go look at yourself in the mirror. Look into your right eye and speak sweet nothings to yourself. Seem silly?! I think not! You need to speak to yourself the way you want to be spoken to. Tell yourself how amazing and beautiful and caring and all of the wonderful traits about yourself. Share your smile and love yourself first.

What are you doing to love yourself? You know your love language better than anyone. What is it that you love? Buy yourself a gift or take yourself out on a date. I did it recently! I took myself on a date to Actor’s Theatre of Louisville to see Once On This Island. Y’all, I even put on heels for myself! I was sexy as hell! So, TREAT YO’SELF!

Let’s go a little further, you ready, because here we go….

How do you want to be loved? Get to know your body. FEEL IT. Get to know what sensations your body likes. Love your body for all of its fullness and beauty. Stare at your body in the mirror the way you want to be looked at. Love yourself. Yep! I said it, love yourself. What’s wrong with self-love?! Why do we shame self-love, and self pleasure? You should allow yourself that euphoria and orgasm often! My favorite vibrator can be used with or without a partner. Enjoy!

Women, for those of you hesitant traveling down south on your self-love journeys, maybe head over to Full Circle Holistic and get a V-steam. I went and had a V-steam to help with healing from trauma and to help restore imbalances in reproductive health. I also got a Yoni Egg while I was there to help with continued healing for my woman parts with crystal healing properties. I love working with crystal energies in my Reiki Energy Healing at my practice and I have been guided to add the yoni egg in too. This can be a very spiritual experience and may not be for everyone, however, I highly recommend it for connecting with yourself, healing yourself, and getting to know yourself intimately.

Self Love is the FIRST step to love, to enhance your mood, and to attracting the love you deserve. Once you know what you want and how you want to feel, you can attract that lover that can give you all that you deserve and more. For those of you in relationships, you will be able to guide your lover to show you the respect you would like to give and receive. Say yes to your body. Say yes to yourself. Say yes to Love.

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