September 15 is the Full Moon. The Full Moon is in Pisces and we are currently transitioning in our lives in one way or another. This is the time to harvest what is to come. Allow yourself to release your expectations and go with the flow during your transformation.

This transformation could come in many ways. We often want to control the outcome or control how things are happening. Allow yourself to be in the present moment and enjoy life as it happens rather than worrying about what is about to come. You will find that as you flow through the ups and downs of your transformation that the puzzle pieces fit together even better than you expected. The puzzle will be put together quicker than you think. 

By the time New Moon energy comes into play, September 28, you will notice that you are ready to spring into action. Everything will make more sense. Don’t expect things to look the way you thought they would. Find gratitude for how the universe has given you exactly what you asked for, but maybe not how you expected it!

You’ve wondered why you and your partner are not aligned or why that person you thought was interested hasn’t come your way. This time of transition isn’t just for you. This is a time that we all are looking at the year that has passed and realized we still have goals to meet over the next few months.

We have had many lessons in 2019. Take time for yourself to reflect on the lessons and find the positive measures in each lesson. Everything happens for a reason and in the way it was meant to. We don’t always know why. You will get those answers over the next few weeks as things unfold and the life you have been manifesting is right in front of your eyes!

Be patient. Enjoy being in the NOW. Love yourself and take time for yourself. Dream big! Write down the things, people, behaviors, and mindsets that you would like to release during the Full Moon. You can give gratitude to the universe (or the higher being you believe in) and say your prayer to release that which is no longer serving you and read your paper. Now, burn it and let the universe do its work! The New Moon will be the time to write down the things you are manifesting. Know that those things you have been writing all year are already in action. What are your new goals? Write them down as if they are already happening so you can let the universe know that you are ready!

Much Love, 


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