“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.” 

The fast-paced life is sometimes inescapable.

The deadlines

The appointments

The work grind

The home life grind

The momma grind

The spouse/partner grind

The expectations grind

The people pleasing grind

The “gotta make this happen” grind

The need to get “grounded” grind

The spiritual grind

The “need to live a healthy lifestyle” grind

The need a new job/ was laid off grind

The cycle of being around people you don’t want to be around grind

The “I feel stuck” grind

The need to confront someone for “ouch” moments but not wanting the ripple effect

The I need to romanticize grind

The I need to be heard yet always solely listened to grind

The I have too much on my schedule but doesn’t take anything off grind

The I need time for myself, yet never steps back to evaluate how to grind

The I am lonely so I will settle and interact with those who do not serve me grind

The “I want so badly to heal” yet runs from discomfort from feelings and the soul talking grind

The I need to be a better…(fill in the blank) grind

The I need to make time for me grind

The “why do they say that/do that?” grind

The “trying to control everything ever and realizing you cant” grind

The innate “its never enough” gotta do 50 thousand things grind

The “I need no agenda/self-care day” but you try to schedule the ENTIRE day grind ( ME TODAY)

The I need to get on my goals, be held accountable but make no time for it grind

The “self-love journey” grind

The “I know I don’t deserve to be treated this way” yet he’s nice today grind

The mental warfare with the true innate grind and the grind that is constantly put on the back burner because life is so fast-paced and we make no time to sit and reflect and process in peace…grind.

Last week, I felt it in every inch of my being, that I needed a self-care day.

Felt exhausted in every sense and not being able to give my all, as I strive to, with those that surrounded me- due to honestly, just needing to love myself and set aside time to listen to my soul.

Not that life was any less fulfilling and beautiful because my life is so beautiful, but my ability to fully embrace that and be present in that was…due to needing time to have sanctuary in whatever way I felt my soul needed.

So, I am aware my life has been fast-paced, busy and onward to be able to get where I am today.

There was no option but to keep up for many years. So, I pressed on, keeping up, and not giving in when it felt too much, too heavy, or too overwhelming.

My ability to keep up and persevere is a gift and got me to travel, crawl, walk and run when I needed to but also it has been ingrained in me & is second nature.

So when it comes time to rest….its weird and very unlike what my body, mind, soul and nature are use to. It takes true intentional listening to oneself and being conscious that you are aware of this within yourself, to have a day to relax and not shame yourself for it.

Those that have lived this life of hustle and fast paced ongoing survival mode…

often find the feelings of selfishness

or incompetence

or shame of laziness

or the drive to fill in the “no agenda”, that you set aside time for, with 500 “to dos”

…. just because you feel, by sitting, relaxing, and choosing to take care of yourself that it feels “like a day wasted..”

These feelings of guilt or the”need to get up and moving” creep in when it comes to having time to genuinely focus on yourself, love yourself, and consider time with yourself as sacred.

Your time to rejuvenate, love yourself, process, and step away….is sacred

because YOU are sacred.

How can we be the most successful?

The most intentional?

The loving partner?

The devoted and loyal friend?

The successful boss lady

The mentor

The social worker

The lawyer

The changemaker, society shifter

The influencer

The supporter

The stay at home multitasking like a boss momma

The coach

The teacher

The assistant

The waitress

The in tune student

The open-minded co-worker and friend

The friend who can listen and offer advice

The patient and loving momma/father

The lover, the friend, the daughter, the co-worker, the leader

How can we be in our authenticity…if we are constantly sugar coating it, filling up our schedules and putting to-dos in our own time of solitude and rejuvenation?

We will be able to do it…just not in our fullness and our grounded presence.

DO THIS FOR YOU and for all those you share space

Mirror to them that self-love and self-care is essential to living a meaningful and intentional life.

I’m not asking for a week off, I’m asking you to take consistent intentional moments.

So, that you can love the soul you are and your life

Capturing even the smallest of sacred moments.

In this moment, breathe as you are reading this blog…

and think of a few times you’ve skipped over time that was allotted for yourself, or that could have been your time and you chose yourself to be ….last, once again.

In this,  ponder what you are worthy of and how this time may, now, benefit your life and bring more beauty.

This is not to shame you, this is to show you how often we skip over these moments that could be sacred in our journey…

Now, think of new opportunities, moments to make this happen, a reality.

& put YOU on your calendar.

..is it in there yet?

Stepping away to allow yourself to simply…be, is not selfish.

Stepping away to allow yourself to breathe….is not lazy

Stepping away to listen to your soul and your heart and mind…is not selfish.

Stepping away to rejuvenate and fill your cup back up to carry on….is crucial.

so that you can go forth and continue to rock out and be soulful in your life.

You are not too busy to take care of you, even if its just for a moment.

Make the time.

You only have one life to live, your time is sacred, and you need to be able to be fully present for every moment that you are honored to live.

You are worthy of living authentically and in all that you are.

Slow your roll, even if for a moment and take care of yourself and see the beauty in your pure existence, in your smallness in something so much larger than yourself, your personal magic and gifts you possess, the presence of healing and growth, and moments to genuinely love who you are.

If we just go through the motions, we are not genuinely living and intentionally breathing in life.

Trust, time of rest will not cause you to lose your fight, your successes, perseverance, determination or strength…it will enhance it and will make you much more equipped to give it every inch of your being.

Be Brave in your life.

Be brave in the fast-paced and in the slow.

How will you choose love for yourself today?

Sending Love,

The Soul Grind

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