Ed. note- I am friends with Soozie Eastman and this post was originally published as a Facebook status. I loved the message so much I asked to share it on Yes Louisville. I’d appreciate you sharing it as well- you never know who needs to hear it! Thanks! -Jason Mudd

I had my first cigarette before my first period. 

Despite hugely involved parents and being a generally good – albeit free-spirited – kid, I loved my Marlboro Ultra Light 100’s. By age 14, I was a pack a day smoker (thanks hotels and restaurants for your machines where I would load up and make my closet look like a Thornton’s). At age 25, I had bronchitis and then pneumonia that wouldn’t go away and a scan revealed lungs black as night. 

That day was the first and only time I ever quit smoking cigarettes. 

I broke up with my best friends. They had been there when I was basically a child, then as a pink-haired teenager, and then on film sets as I deeply pondered the next shot. It was mentally and physically hard AF but I never took so much as one drag again. 

So, today, I am stoked as hell to say – I HAVE 15 YEARS OF BEING A NONSMOKER! 

I used ginger beer, ginger chews, one-hitters, and my stubborn ass to make it a reality. I will always miss my best friends. I loved being a smoker, but I love breathing and my pink little lungs a helluva lot more.

Soozie Eastman is a filmmaker and storyteller from Louisville, KY. Most recently she released ‘Overload: America’s Toxic Love Story‘, a documentary that unveils the untold reality of the chemicals that are in the products we use every day.

“Before starting a family, Soozie Eastman, daughter of an industrial chemical distributor, embarks on a journey to find out the levels of toxins in her body and explores if there is anything she or anyone else can do to change them. Soozie has just learned that hundreds of synthetic toxins are now found in every baby born in America and the government and chemical corporations are doing little to protect citizens and consumers. With guidance from world-renowned physicians and environmental leaders, interviews with scientists and politicians, and stories of everyday Americans, Soozie uncovers how we got to be so overloaded with chemicals and if there is anything we can do to take control of our exposure.”

Overload: America’s Toxic Love Story
Click HERE to watch Soozie’s documentary ‘Overload’ on Amazon!
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