As a Medium, I have a lot of people worried that I am connecting with their loved one’s ghost or that there are people stuck here unable to leave. Let me reassure you that your loved ones are not stuck here and they are not haunting me. When I do a reading or have a session with someone or a group of people, I am connecting with that person’s soul. I was guided to bring this subject to light this month.

Our loved ones are still very present in our lives. They know what’s happening in our lives and that we still need to feel them near. They will send you signs. Keep an eye out, or an ear. For me, an ear, music tends to be a sign. My parent’s names were Jack and Diane, so you could see how music could be significant. Anytime I hear Jack and Diane, Landslide, and Come Sail Away, I know that my parents (especially my dad) are trying to get my attention. Sometimes your loved ones give you a subtle nudge with a penny, a feather, a brush of the cheek. As soon as your mind drifts to a thought of them, THAT is how you know that THEY are near.

In my readings, healings are happening for those here and on the other side. There are often things that are left unsaid, and people wonder if their sick loved ones heard those words that were said or knew that they were there with them. Your loved one’s soul is there watching as they are getting ready to leave this world so they know that you were there and they know what you have said. They know that you were on your way there and did your very best to get there before they passed. They know that you couldn’t leave work and didn’t know this would be that last moment. These are many of the things I hear and I think some of you can relate to these or know someone who can. Let me use my own life for example.

I have lost both of my parents. My mom was taken from us and my dad passed from Liver Cancer. When we took care of dad, it really was a beautiful opportunity to get to be by his side while he took his last breath. Mom was murdered 4 and a half years before him so these were very different circumstances and I’m sure you could see many reasons why it was ‘beautiful.’ Dad couldn’t communicate that last day. We could tell that he could hear us sometimes, but most of the time he seemed to be asleep. When he came through in a reading, he mentioned that someone whispered in his ear and kissed his forehead. He didn’t see it and he couldn’t communicate with us. In fact, when we kissed his forehead, he had already passed. His soul heard and saw this.

The soul carries on after our body does not. As a Medium, I am communicating with your loved one’s soul and they very much want to be near you. YOU are their heaven. So whatever heaven is to you, know that for them it is you. Their heart is with you. In a session with me, my favorite part is the evidence of memories they give me so that you know for sure they are there with you.

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