On a whim I pull out every bin in my bathroom pantry and dump it on the king size bed where my husband and son are hanging out watching TV. My husband looks up from his phone and casually just looks away. He’s used to my shenanigans by now. My son, however, complains that I’m in the way of his “laxing.” He’s not wrong, this is a messy Friday night adventure.  

The mountain of bathroom goodies just keeps rising and my bed is getting lost in a sea of lotion, perfume, hair stuff and rogue make-up supplies. I knew I had a lot of stuff, I just never imagined it was so ridiculously out of hand. Standing here looking at my slowly disappearing bed I realized how much junk I’ve accumulated over the years. So many things I’ve held on to just because “I might need that later.” *Sigh* Yeah, right. I’m never going to use this stuff.  

In case you haven’t guessed yet, I discovered Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up series on Netflix. In my opinion she is a precious human who deserves every bit of praise she’s receiving on social media. Her method of showing gratitude and keeping items based on if it “sparks joy” really changed the way I looked at everything in my home.  There’s so much beauty in the way Marie speaks and interacts with her clients. It quite literally brings me to tears.  

A couple of weeks ago I tackled my closet. It seems to be the first place she starts with each person she helps. When I was finished thanking my discarded items and gently placing them into the giveaway bags, I felt so much relief. It was really freeing to give myself less options when getting dressed in the morning. Now I don’t have to dig through things I only barely like to grab one of the five shirts I actually love and wear all the time. Pretty sure this simple act of clearing out the clutter saves me at least 15 minutes each morning. 

I’ve been avoiding my bathroom for days. I catch myself just zipping in and out without really looking at the chaos hidden below the sink, in the drawers and behind the door that leads to my cubies overflowing with beauty products. Clothes are one thing, but my perfumes and make-up? Yeah, that’s a whole other level of love. Tonight, I looked at everything in my bathroom and thought to myself, “does my bathroom spark joy in my life?” The answer was a resounding “NO!” That’s when I took action. 

It took me two hours to sort through the mess I made. I held each item in my hand and thought “does this spark joy?” If the answer was a “no” then I placed, it either in the trash or in the giveaway box. By the time I had finished my ritual there was an entire IKEA bag of trash. Buh-bye junk! I ended up with two boxes of giveaways and a tiny box of random lids which I ended up tossing. Now I have an entire empty shelf that I can finally re-purpose for organizing the things I use on a daily basis. This is bliss. 

With each room that I declutter I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. There is a beauty in simplicity that I had never experienced before. This KonMari Method (as Marie Kondo calls it) wasn’t me giving up things. It’s me learning to appreciate the things I have. In as much tidying I’ve done in my home, I’ve also somehow tidied my mind as well. 

Do yourself a favor and take a look around your home, your car, your LIFE. Does it spark joy deep in your soul? If the answer is “no,” maybe it’s time to tidy-up. 

Cheers to the journey, 

Addy K. 

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