Is there life after the Omni? Well, of course, its just a lot more ordinary. We stayed there Saturday, Labor Day weekend and I kind of miss it.

The fun begins right out front at the curb.  You pull off 2nd street onto the smooth valet area, throw your keys to a neatly dressed young man, and stroll through the really big doors.  Like everything else at the Omni, this “area” seems oversized and kinda swanky.  Super-cars would do well here.  If Tony Stark aka Ironman was having a stay-cation in the Derby City, he and Happy would race here just to see who would get the pull in first.  We had a Mini, but it was red.

Past the front doors you enter into what feels like a cathedral, built to stimulate the senses.  All the ceilings seem miles away.  Enormous arch after enormous arch span the main hallway.  Over the big lobby a patchwork of curved interlocking timbers accentuate the dome shape.  Local artists and goods are featured throughout the main floor, from Bob’s Steakhouse at one end to the Falls City Market at the other, offering groceries, Heine coffee, brick oven style pizza, sushi, pastries, and more.  Key cards in hand we dropped off our stuff and went to see the pool.

Perched high over the downtown street, a long sparkling body of blue water.  We had a beautiful sunny afternoon and it felt like instant vacation.  Kids splashing and running, adults bellying up to the bar, lounge chairs, fire pits,  and bikinis.  All around you the city, appreciated in complete openness.  Even the handrails are made of glass.  It is a big enough space that you can also find a quiet corner to read or write.  Up the hallway from this beach a long row of treadmills and workout machines with The Mokara, an elegant spa, at the end.

Making it back, our regular room was plush, comfortable, and stylish.  The mattresses fat and juicy.  The covers just right.  The bathroom elegant.  The bar well stocked.  Keurig on demand, and of course a mini fridge and big tv.  Anchoring the space a large expansive window flooding the room with light and Louisville.  

Coming into the hallway I had noticed a tall window at the end of each long floor.  No dark hallways here.  I felt a bit like I was in a glowing bubble dropped in the middle of downtown, buoyantly floating jus a little above it.  Always around you some expanse of glass.

Our evening melted away in a blink.  The mysterious Pin and Proof speakeasy was fun to see and the bowling was enticing, but we spent most of our evening in The Library, sipping nice drinks in warm cozy chairs by the fire, feeling very much relaxed and at home.  The evening bustle of the sidewalk just outside the glass walls.  No wonder I miss it.

Who’d a thought you’d find a 3-lane bowling alley in a hotel!

Ending our stay we left as smoothly as we arrived. Here’s hoping to a longer stay and more Omni discoveries on the horizon.

***You don’t have to leave the state & max out your credit card to get some high quality R&R! Follow DJ Word’s lead & have a staycation at the Omni or another beautiful Louisville-area hotel! Intentional breaks without the stress of spending too much money is a great form of self-care & can help you be a #BetterYou!

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