If I hear “New Year, New Me” one more time I’m gonna… do absolutely nothing at all. I’m lazy, but more power to you for taking on the new year with gusto!

I feel like every December I’m bombarded with ways to really shine in the next year, but what about ways to really screw it up? Well, for your reading pleasure I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorite ways to really wreck your new year.

Hold On To That Grudge 

Remember that thing your sister/brother/cousin/aunt/friend/co-worker did that just REALLY ticked you off this year? Hold on tight to that anger in the New Year. Take those winter gloves off and just really grab hold. Dig your heels in, and stay in exactly the same place you were last year. You just stay right there. No reason to forgive, move on, or rebuild a broken relationship. I mean, you won’t need those people in the next year anyways. Right?

WRONG. Even if you actually don’t need them, you need to let go of those feelings that drive you to anger. Deep-seeded anger in your heart can only be a catalyst for future pain. Do yourself a solid in this new year, and let that shit go!

Put Off Today What You Can Do Tomorrow

Why should you add any more stress to your day by NOT procrastinating? It’s not like that thing you need to do is going anywhere. It’ll still be there when you wake up, just chilling out in the back of your mind, flailing like a child throwing a tantrum in Target. You know what I mean: arms splayed out on the floor, kicking and screaming. Why bother to give yourself a mental break by actually taking care of business when you should?

Look, I’m the queen of procrastination, so hear me out. I have never once put something off until tomorrow and been thrilled by the decision to wait a day. Not a single time has procrastination given me any sense of relief. Instead of enjoying the tiny bit of time I gave myself, I spend the rest of the day pushing back the thought that I’m seriously going to regret waiting. I wake up the next day regretting my decision to put off something I could have easily finished the day before. Instead of relief, I wake up with regret. Don’t wake up with regret. Just do the darn thing

Just Keep Waiting 

All this talk of New Year’s resolutions and “being a better you” is seriously cramping your style. You aren’t going to wake up and go to the gym at 5 AM. What kind of insane person wakes up before the sun? Forget about searching for a new job. Never mind that you are completely miserable and every Sunday night you cry in your pillow thinking about the fact that you HAVE to go to work tomorrow. You HAVE to, not WANT to go to work. Don’t worry about it. Just keep waiting for something good to happen. Just sleep that extra hour in the morning, and one day you will wake up with lower blood pressure and a clear mind (yeah right). Drag yourself into work on Monday morning and pretend to actually mean it when you tell your co-workers “good morning.” Who knows… some big fancy recruiter might call you and tell you that they want to hire you for some fancy corporate job in the city (mhmm…totally believable).

In the same way procrastination feeds your low-key anxiety, waiting on opportunities to fall in your lap is preventing your own success. No one gets to write the book of your life but you. That means that no one else in this world can push you to greatness without you moving your own feet. I’m not saying you HAVE to get up at 5 AM and hit the gym. Maybe you start by taking a 15-minute walking break at work and drinking just a little more water. I’m certainly not saying that you have to start emailing every potential employer on LinkedIn begging for a job. Put 10 minutes on your calendar to search and apply for a new job. Just because we need money to live comfortably, doesn’t mean that we have to hate every minute spent at our 9 to 5s. 

Nothing will ever be perfect, but don’t let life pass you by while you wait for something to happen. Get up, dust yourself off, and create the life you want.  While you’re at it, give yourself and others a little bit of grace. This is your chance to fly! 

Cheers to the journey and pixie dust for the New Year, 

Addy K

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